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Google account – How to set up a new one

Open the Google account sign up page in a new Tab  –

Once the tab opens, scroll down this screen for additional instructions

Fill in the form on the signup page

1 Name
Use the name you want associated with your google account
2 Username
This will create a new email address for you – the format will be
Note: To use an existing email address, click the link underneath the box then enter that email in the box
3 Password
Your password must be at least 8 characters – use a strong password
4 Birthday and Gender
Please select your birthday – minors cannot create an account
5 Mobile Phone
Used to verify your account – if you do not have one, skip this field
6 Current email
Used in password recovery for this Google account
Note: If you elected to use an existing email address above, this field will not display
7 Robot Blocker
Type the text displayed in the image – prove you are not a robot
8 Location
Select the country where you are located
9 Terms
Check the box to agree to Google’s Terms of Service – there is a link so you can read terms before accepting
10 Press Next Step
Any errors on the form will be displayed once you press the Next button
Google Account sign up form

You may have to verify your new account by phone

Why verify your account by phone?

In an effort to protect users from abuse, Google may sometimes ask you to prove you’re not a robot before creating a new account or signing in to your existing account. This is an effective anti-spammer approach.

Google phone verify page

You will have to verify your new email address using your password recovery email account

Verify your new email address

This is a verification of your email address. Open your email client for the recovery email account you used in the new email account setup form. Click the link in the email to verify your new email account.

Verify email page
verification email from google
welcome page - setup is complete


You have successfully setup your new Google account

Now that the hard part is done!

Let’s set up Google+, it only takes a few more steps.