New Online Presence Report and Keyword Research

We have great news! We have a new online presence report. That is right! Hard to believe, not only do we provide keyword research and consulting, but now we have a brand new online presence report!

It is our mission to provide you with proper research and an overview of your online presence so you can add more substance.

Let me tell you a little bit about what the new online presence report covers:

  • Local Scores for rating your clients Google, Yahoo, and Bing local profiles
  • Active Directories overview showing your where you are and ARE NOT
  • Competition Directory comparison
  • Map of your top online competitors
  • Web Mentions report to show who is “buzzing” about you and what they are saying
  • Top 5 Google Keyword Rankings
  • Twitter Statistics and Twitter Grade
  • Facebook Statistics and Facebook Grade
  • Google Plus Statistics and Google Plus Grade


The online presence report helps you see where you are currently positioned online, where your competitors are located online, and compare and contrast to show you where you ARE NOT showing up online.

The keyword research we provide tells you what keywords people are typing in to find you, how many times per month the keyword is searched, how much the keyword would cost in PPC, and how competitive the keyword is. Each keyword is matched with an easy to understand competition level; Basic, Advanced, Over the Top.