Some business owners have been receiving email notifications from Google, stating that they have duplicate business listings on Google Places. The issue with duplicate listings stems from Google upgrading its business listings to the new Google Places for Business local listings.

Duplicate listings for a single business can be problematic as it violates Google’s quality guidelines. There should only be one listing per business location in both Google Places and in Google’s SERPs. Fortunately, account owners can log on to their Google Places account to determine if they have issues with duplicate business listings.

Upon logging in, Google will immediately point out the listings that are causing the issue. Account owners should choose the listings they’d prefer to keep in their accounts and delete the listings that are causing issues. Account owners can choose the “Remove this listing from my Google Places account” option.

Account owners should select the listings that they wish to keep active, and ensure that the listings they’ve chosen contain all their enhanced content—such as photos, business hours, and description. They should review all this information very carefully, make the necessary changes, and then click “Submit”. According to Google’s Places for Business help forum, these changes can take up to several weeks to appear in search results.
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