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How Good Is Your Website? What does it takes to be among the best? Top Ranking Factors

The results of a survey conducted by Moz and Searchmetrics about ranking factors of websites are finally here. A panel of experts and a mammoth amount of data has lead both industry leaders to similar conclusions. We are able to capitalize on their research and examine what factors affect website rankings.

Below, Moz illustrates some of the top website ranking criteria.


Searchmetrics organized their ranking criteria into categories that are more simple to make sense of and enact any desired changes. Here is their full article. We have “boiled” it down for you.

  • Content is King – Everyone has been hearing that quality content is key, but both word count and readability have grown in importance. “Flowing” content engages readers. Also, because of peoples’ short attention spans, pages need to balance text with graphics. Who wants to read a long text blog with no demonstrative graphics?
  • User Experience – Build a website for users with different screen sizes and different types of devices to increase your search engine exposure. Google already shows different search results based on whether you search from a tablet, smartphone, or PC. Mobile search continues to expand and getting your message in front of the correct audience is extremely important.
  • Keywords – While keywords are still important, they are no substitute for great content. Recently keywords in links, internal and external, as well as domain names have been decreasing in value as a ranking factor. However, including keywords in your content can still improve rankings as long as it is not at the expense of relevant content.
  • Backlinks – For years the value of backlinks has been decreasing. Although they are still used, Google’s new Disavow Tool, explanation here, allows you to “demote” the weight of low-quality links to your website.
  • Social Signals –┬áIt is unclear how much weight is put on things such as tweets, likes, and +1’s. Google says that they are not directly used as ranking factors, but there is a positive correlation between social signals and website rankings. If nothing else they promote brand awareness and keep you name in front of your prospective audience.

Here are some useful tips from Searchmetrics about how to improve your website ranking.

  • User-friendly design
  • Create high quality, readable content; don’t think about keywords
  • Present solid facts crafted around technical specifications that will engage most audiences. The text, graphics, and website design should complement each other
  • Assemble topics based relevancy to decide whether they should be on one page, separate pages or on a landing page.

Using and understanding these tips and ideas will give your website and business a boost. If you prefer to spend your time and effort elsewhere or have other things “on your plate”, Contact QTree Systems. We can help. At QTree, “YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL!”