Product Ads are now available through Bing Ads in the U.S.

Product Ads

Like AdWords Product Listing Ads (PLA), below is the screen-shot for Product Ads that allow us to showcase our products in an engaging ad format by including images, promotional text, pricing and our company name. Serving Product Ads on the Yahoo Bing Network allows you to reach 31 million retail searchers that don’t use Google in the U.S.


How it Works?

Similar to the Google process, advertisers first setup Bing Merchant Center Store accounts and upload their product catalogs. Here advertisers can create a Product Ads campaign in Bing Ads. Also, the advertisers already running PLA campaigns on AdWords can use the Import From Google AdWords function to bring their campaigns into Bing Ads. The ads appear in the mainline or sidebar for searches relevant to an item. Also similar to Google, Bing’s ads are charged on a cost-per-click basis.

What are the Advantages:

  • Bing’s Product Ads tap into a large number of potential consumers. The Yahoo Bing Network tallies 510 million monthly retail searches, and it accounts for 22 percent of all U.S. retail paid clicks. Additionally, about 31 million retail searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network cannot be reached on Google.
  • Product Ads was also intended to be user-friendly for time-pressed retailers.
  • Product Ads also take up more space on the search results page than a traditional text ad, and they can show simultaneously with text ads, giving advertisers even more real estate on a single results page. Advertisers already running Google’s Product Listing Ads can easily import those campaigns into their Bing accounts as well.

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