Are you being prompted to click on “Start Tour” when you visit the Facebook ads section?  You are not far from exploring the new campaign ad structure that has been rolled out to all its advertisers by Facebook. Let’s get a detailed understanding of this major change:

Here’s an image issued by Facebook itself which explains the hierarchy of the campaign structure:


Before this new development, Facebook campaign structure just had two levels – Campaign & Ads. And hence, an inclusion of a new element “Ad set” changes the functioning of the campaign without affecting the performance, delivery & spend of the ads. The structure now includes three levels: Campaign, Ad set & ads.


Campaigns correspond to ad objectives or the desired results (Clicks to website, Page likes, Posts engagement etc.) that a marketer wishes to concentrate on. This will determine the results of that particular objective chosen at the start of the campaign. Not only this multiple ad sets & ads, will purely optimize the desired goal to be accomplished.

Ad set:

Moving onto the “Ad set” element, this layer will help you to assign different budget & schedules to each ad set. The importance of the ad set is that you can define target different audiences & schedule them accordingly. An advertiser can control the daily spend on each of the audience segment, schedule the ad sets accordingly & even measure the performance.


On similar basis, multiple ads can be created in an ad set. Not only this, just like ad set, it can define the audience. This level of the structure controls the actual ad copy which consists of different content, images & links.

Cutting the long story short, have a look at another image rolled out by Facebook, defining the features of a new structure:


Moreover, the existing ad campaigns will automatically migrate to the new ad structure.